Sibiu Christmas Market – In the heart of Transylvania

Sibiu Big Square

Beautiful like a Christmas dream, but with a once of nostalgia of a “time long forgotten”

Sibiu is a small traditional town with a long history, in the heart of Transylvania. It’s surrounded by mountains, which gives it the perfect setting for a Christmassy scene.

I highly recommend it for all that want to get a break from the big cities and enjoy a Christmas atmosphere in a small traditional, idyllic town: none of the crowds but tons of the benefit of “big city” Christmas Markets. Also, snow is no stranger to this area, unlike in the good ol’ big town city centers.

Sibiu is one of the most important cultural cities in Romania. It was designated the “European Capital of culture” in 2007 (along with the city of Luxembourg. 

The first time that the Christmas Market was organized in Sibiu was back in 2007 and it inspired by the Viennese Christmas Markets. The traditional Christmas Market is held in the “Big Square”, Sibiu’s idyllic baroque style old city center.

When is it open and what can I find there? Tell me something special …

Christmas Market Lights Sibiu

Sibiu’s Christmas Market is opened between 15th of November and 3rd of January. The Christmas market offers a variety of entertainment: small wooden stalls where you can buy hand made good like woolen hats, silver jewelry, leather products and much more! The beautiful architecture gives it a feeling of stepping back in time, in a cozier, more connected community. It simply gives you the feeling of belonging.

A lot of traditional food is sold here as well, all home-made and very delicious: like “sweet bread”(cozonac), hot wine, home-made traditional cookies and cake and also hot “tuica” and hot beer (very interesting, never tasted it before… but maybe it’s more of an acquired taste, therefore I recommend it for the brave ones 🙂 ).

Entertainment in Sibiu Christmas Market

For the small ones it’s a Christmas paradise: here you can find mini trains driving around, a “merry – go round” and of course the Santa Claus hut, where all the cheerful children can meet Santa Clause. In person!

But don’t worry, the adults will also have their fun! A while ago Sibiu introduced a small train that takes you along the old town, around the Christmas Market, through the Small Square and then in the Balcescu street, a shopping street part of the old town. In this Christmas period everything is beautifully decorated and will steal your heart for sure!

Sibiu Castle Park - Parcul Cetatii din Sibiu
Park “Cetatii” Sibiu

In case you are not yet frozen, you can finish up your journey through Sibiu’s old town, with a walk through the “Cetatii” park. Here you can admire the remaining of the wall, from the old fortified city.

I wish you all a pleasant and nostalgic journey through this small town full of history and Christmas spirit!

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