Day Passes and Airport transportation in Vienna

Vienna Opera House

 How to travel through Vienna

Vienna has 24h/48h/72h passes. This cost 8-/14.1-/17.1 – EUR respectively. I would highly recommend to buy these passes instead of single trips (ticket price for single trip is 2.4 EUR). These tickets will allow you to go on any public transport (bus, trams, metros, fast trains), through the whole city of Vienna, zone 1, except for the Airport!

You can purchase them here directly online and print the tickets. You can also purchase them at any station from the red ticket machines called Wiener Linien (you cannot miss them). Please be aware that if you purchase them from the machines, you need to validate the tickets before beginning your journey.

Uber also exists and the prices are relatively cheap, however I would not recommend to travel through Vienna by Uber, as the public transport is very efficient and you can get easily to any destination by public transport.

How to get from the airport to Vienna city center

You can travel very fast from Wien – Mitte Landstrasse Station to Flughafen Wien, by using the fast train S7. The tickets can be purchased from station Wien Mitte, from the ticket machines inscribed OBB (also red 🙂 ). One way ticket costs 4.2 EUR, 1.8 EUR if you already posses a valid Vienna travel pass (as described above). The train ride takes about 25 mins.

An alternative to the S7 exists and it is a bit faster. It takes approximate 16 mins to the airport, from Wien- Mitte Lanstrasse. CAT (City Airport Train) is a business train with direct route to the airport. A single ticket costs 12 EUR.

My recommendation would be to take the S7, it’s always on time and the schedule is quite reliable. It’s also a more budget friendly alternative.

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