Copenhagen – Things to know before you go!

Kongnes Nytorv Square

Copenhagen, the capital of the second happiest people in the world, after the Finish (somehow all the Nordic countries seem to be bursting with happiness), is also home to a lot of interesting cultural experiences, a vibrant night life scene and of course the nostalgic childhood  stories of Hans Christian Andersen.

Here are a couple of things you should know before visiting the city.

Strøget Street        

stoget street Copenhagen

Strøget is one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe, stretching over 1.1 km from the City Hall to Kongens Kytrov. The street is best known for shopping and you can find here the most famous brand stores to also more budget friendly options. It’s also very pleasant to just walk through the street, as it is in the heart of the city and very close to a lot of the touristic attractions. You can find here the Church of our Lady, the court house at Nytorv Square and the Stork Fountain at the Armagertov Square.

Do not take photos in Free Town of Christiania

Christiania is an anarchist autonomous district in Copenhagen, built by hippies in the 1971. It was famous for its Cannabis dealing, but this is now no longer allowed due to the violence outbreak connected to drug dealing. Still the inhabitants of Christiania are very private and you should avoid taking pictures of them or the surroundings. Also whispers of Marijuana are still present in Christiania, but its legality is questionable.

Enjoy a coffee at Nyhaven…but DON’T eat there

Nyhaven Copenhagen

Nyhaven is an amazing place with beautiful colored house. It is definitely worth a stroll through the old harbor, where you can also see the house in which Christian Andersen lived. If you want to intake the scenery a bit more, there are a lot of restaurants and bars where you can have a seat and take a drink or a coffee, but I would highly recommend to not eating there, since there are a lot of other much better places to enjoy a fabulous lunch or dinner.

Copenhagen, the city of Michelin stars

The small city glitters with 22 Michelin starts awarded to 17 restaurants in 2019. Geranium is the only one that holds 3 stars, whilst Norma, AOC, Kadeau hold 2 stars. Make reservations early on if you want to catch a table at these restaurants. They are all open for online booking sometimes even 2 months in advance. Also please be aware that in Copenhagen people dine early, so not all establishments are open until late at night.

Night life in Copenhagen is vibrant

nightlife Copenhagen

If you are in town, you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy Copenhagen’s night life! The city has a lot of good Jazz clubs with life music, an intense and delicious cocktail bar scene and interesting night clubs. Read here my list of the Top 5 bars in Copenhagen.

Feel the “Hygge” of the Danes

Hygge is a warm, fuzzy feeling translated vaguely into “coziness”. During the cold and dark evenings of autumn and especially winter time, the Danish gather around a fireplace or candle light, surrounded by family and loved ones, and chat. This creates a great bound in the Danish communities.

If you are in town for just a short period of time and want to enjoy everything that Copenhagen has to offer, check out what an amazing amount of sightseeing you can do in just one day.

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