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Best city breaks in winter – Europe


If you’re not one for chilly winters, then Barcelona is the perfect destination for you! During this time of year, in Barcelona there are around 10C – 15C. It is one of the warmest destinations in Europe during the winter. The best part is that you will also avoid the crowds of tourists, from spring and summer time. In February a major winter festival takes place in Barcelona, namely Santa Eulàlia, where you can witness dances, parades and concerts. And let’s not forget the hot chocolate and churros, which are perfect for this season! You can find here all the information you need to plan your trip. Enjoy!


The winter is the best time to experience Copenhagen’s hygge. Hygge is the feeling of coziness and contempt experienced in an ambiance of sharing and caring for one another and is detrimental to the interpersonal closeness that the Danish people exhibit. During winter, Copenhagen’s temperatures can reach below freezing, so tick clothes need to be packed! The city itself is rather compact and can be easily travelled by foot. It is the home of Hans Christian Anderson and his memorable stories, so a visit to the statue of the Little Mermaid is in order. If you prefer not to walk (as it is a bit further away from the historical center), you can always take a boat ride from the Nyhaven canal in order to get there. In case you are in the mood for some shopping, then you will for sure find what you are searching for in Stroget, the longest pedestrian street. In the evenings you can experience the magic of the Trivoli gardens, the second oldest amusement park, which managed to inspire Walt Disney himself! If you are curious to find out all the things you can experience in Copenhagen, here is all the information you need.


Amsterdam might not be the warmest city this time of the year, but you will for sure avoid all the tourists’ crowds. Stroll along the canals, enjoy the old town and let yourself get sucked in by the unique atmosphere of this city. Beyond the famous the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum , the biggest treasure waiting to be discovered is the Nord of Amsterdam, former industrial part, now main stage for up and coming artists, culinary and design scenes, craft breweries and digital-nomad friendly cafés. Go beyond the mainstream and discover a new side of Amsterdam.


I have been leaving in Vienna for the past 7 years, so I cannot gets cold here. Voted already two times in a row the best city to live in, Vienna has a particular charm in the winter. The snow covered Karlskirche and Schonbrunner Garden are still picture perfect in winter time. January and February are particularly interesting because of the winter balls. For everyone who fancies nice ball gowns and classical dances, this is the season to be in Vienna! Also, if you enjoy skating, there is an amazing skating ring at Rathausplatz, which covers the entire park in front of the building. You can drink there hot wine and enjoy the winter wonderland. Afterwards you can always cozy up with a hot chocolate and enjoy a delicious Sacher cake.


Lisbon is a warm and dry destination for the ones who want to escape the cold, harsh winters of continental Europe. Let yourself be charmed by the elevated small streets, the wooden trams and the beautiful old monasteries. The smell of the salty sea will elevate your spirits and the tasty cuisine will spoil your senses and make every skeptic fall in love with this city’s resonating character.


Nice is a beloved option for the sun-lovers, and for good reason, it’s glamour sparkles every travellers interest and then of course…his pocket. In February however, Nice puts it’s dancing shoes on, because it is celebrating the famous carnival. Nice carnival , although in theory world renown, it is somehow lost in between the carnivals of Venice and Brazil. But trust me, it is a sight to see! Flower parades, music, concerts and entertaining games are what await the visitors of early February. Next to this enchanting event, you can also enjoy the landscapes of the Mediterranean cost, in tranquility.


Venice – it’s carnival time! The streets of Venice are rooming in February with tourists eager to engage in the dances and parades. The dresses and masque that parade this time of year are really beautiful and they will steal your breath. But if it is peace and tranquility you are looking for and just sipping a good Italian coffee in Piazza San Marco, then it would be best if you visit Venice in January until mid February, when the number of tourists is quite low. Read here all you need to know about your Venice city break.


Mondsee is situated in a region in Austria called Salzkammergut. This region is amazing any time of the year you chose to visit it. There are many lakes, surrounded by high, rocky mountains. The scenery is simply breath taking. Unlike Hallstatt, which is now overcrowded with tourists, Mondsee is a smaller more secluded village, where you can enjoy the same beautiful views as you would expect from Halltstatt. The small village is home to the church where ‘the Sound of music’ was filmed (although Austrians don’t really want to talk abut it, for some reason..). It is definitely worth a visit.


Salzburg is my all time favorite cities in Austria. The charm of this small Austrian town surrounded by mountains can only be more emphasized during the winter season, when snow decorates it so preciously, almost like it’s cropped out of a fairy tale. Enjoying a stroll along the old town, visiting Mozart’s birth house and walking along the river side, will already convince you that winter wonderlands do exist. If you wish to prolong your stay in the area and enjoy skiing, then you came to the right region!


Prague has become in the last year a very popular destination for tourists. Hence in the spring and summer months it is crowded with people and you can barely walk on the Charles’s Bridge without getting kicked or stepped on. Winter is hence a good time for first timers to get to know the city. Don’t worry, its charm is not at all affected by the winter month, if anything it is even more emphasized! Walk up to the city’s castle, marvel at the beautiful astronomical clock and walk along the Charles’s Bridge. Enjoy the city at your own pace, without being bothered by the masses. You will definitely not regret visiting this beautiful city during winter!

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