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Santorni nightlife: Best bars and clubs

Santorini windmills

If you are looking to have a bit of midnight fun during your stay in Santorini, then I recommend you stay in Fira. Find out more about how to choose where to stay in Santorini. Fira is the heart of the nightlife in Santorini, with the best bars and clubs you will find on the island.

The city is awake until the early hours of the morning, so don’t worry there is something for everybody there! Perivolos has some nice beach bars and clubs, but the only ‘real’ dancing clubs are in Fira.

So pack comfortable shoes, ‘cause we’re going dancing!

Tropical Bar

I looved Tropical Bar! You can start your evening already by watching the sunset from the balcony, which offers the perfect view over caldera and the sea. Later at night the bar is transformed into a dancing pub, with really cool music and great drinks. I had my most animated nights there and really recommend it.

Koo Club

Is the best dancing club in Santorini : DJs, mainstream music and house. It has an indoor and outdoor dance space. Its’s actually one of the only 2 dancing clubs in Santorini.

Enigma Club

The oldest dancing club in Santorini. Usually super crowded though, so be warned.

Casablanca Soul bar

I loved this bar for its live music. The atmosphere was super chill and the music and cocktails where good. So I can only recommend it.

PK Cocktail bar

Hands down the best cocktail bar in Santorini! It’s a little bit more on the fancy side.. so if you have one of those nights where you want to dress up, then this is the bar for you! The view is beautiful, like, let’s face it, in most of the places.

JOJO beach bar

This Beach bar is in Perivolos Beach and is one of the most famous beach bar in Santorini. It is especially famous for its parties, so make sure to check their Facebook page before you go. But mind that the parties are over at around 23:00-24:00.

In case you want to have a bite to eat before you head out, let me direct you the the best restaurants in Santorini. And just in case to be sure that you do not miss anything on your itinerary, double check with my list. Enjoy!

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